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The HR Dept, Guest Blog

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The HR Dept, Guest Blog

Many people start a new training regime in the New Year, trying to deal with the effect of over indulging during the festive period.  Your business could benefit from a new training regime too.

There may not be Christmas calories to beat, but how about improved staff retention as a benefit? It is reported that 40% of employees who do not get the training to do their jobs will leave in the first year.

Companies with a structured training plan have on average 218% higher financial turnover, 24% higher profit margin and improves staff satisfaction with employees feeling valued and respected.

There are all kinds of staff training you can consider. Your first thought may naturally be towards technical competence – engineering courses for engineers or advanced cookery courses for your junior chefs and people management skills for your managers. All fine and logical.

Or for more innovative HR, Googlefor example has previously offered staff free training courses in “Superhero play: What does it all mean?” which explains to parents what their young children are thinking when they run around pretending to be The Incredible Hulk!

A bit whacky, but teaching employees valuable work and life skills that make them more balanced human beings and feel appreciated by their employer. Both of these are beneficial.

A final thought. Business owners can often think: “What happens if we train them and they leave?”But the real question should be: “What happens if we don’t train them and they stay?”

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