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New Year, New Me – What’s the Point?

By January 23, 2019 No Comments

Usually at the beginning of January, talk of New Year resolutions is all around us.  Friends, family and colleagues will ask us if we’ve made any, or will discuss their own plans for change in the coming year.

There are usually two camps, those that make resolutions every year and, those that say “what’s the point”, you can make changes at any time of the year, why wait until January?  It really doesn’t matter whether you make the decision to change something in your life in January or at some other point in the year, the realisation is, most people will start raring to go with blazing intention and a positive mind-set but will fail at some point down the line.

So, why do good intentions flop when all you want to do is make some positive changes?  There are many reasons why however, the most common reason is lack of support, having no one to continuously keep you motivated and on top of things when life, as it can sometimes, gets in the way, spoiling your drive and ambition to succeed.

You can read every motivational quote you see on Facebook and they will resonate but, you will forget the message as quickly as it took you to read.  We’ve all done it.  Success in anything we want to achieve in life needs to be supported and nurtured because we all have personal barriers, those niggles that hold us back.

Coaching is a great way to achieving the success you want.  Having someone you are accountable to, someone at the end of the telephone who can build you up when you’re slipping and losing focus can work wonders.  So, if what you want from this year is to start your own business, go for a promotion or completely change your career, coaching can exponentially increase your chances of success by helping you retain the right mind-set.

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