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Does your personal branding match your company image?

Everything that defines us, our interaction with the world, what people say about us.
It is created in the minds of the audience…

  • What people say about your brand is reinforced by the interaction with your company, your people.  In this world of enterprise, differentiation is as important as ever.  Are your people memorable for the right reasons?  Do they shine as unique individuals in a sea of creativity, corporate neutrals or bohemian creativity?  Are they knowledgeable experts, confidently engaging clients, prospects and colleagues with an authentic and congruent message?
  • Your brand exists through the people who deliver it.  Enable the personalities to shine through and be congruent with your product, brand or service.
  • You’ll see the difference instantly. That moment when a colour lights up a face will be the start of a deep natural confidence that stays with your people forever.
  • Open your eyes to the possibilities of empowered authentic and visible people working within your organisation.
  • A Brand DNA framework enables growth for your business.  Empower yourself and your representatives to find their right tone.
  • Authentic Leadership is about ensuring you look the part, dress for who you are, your audience and your product or service.
  • We’ll never tell you what to do. You may already have a strong brand identity with a specific requirement for personal brand, or be at the start of this journey of enquiry.  We guarantee a positive and supportive approach to developing empowered individuals.


Annabelle Antao-Bithrey

House of Colour Longfield


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