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Boosting Self-esteem as we enter Spring

As springtime arrives, you might want to consider cleaning more than just your cupboard clutter this year—warmer weather and freshly bloomed flowers can also serve as a reminder to cleanse your mind and promote proper self-esteem levels.

Having a good level of self-esteem can benefit your well-being in a variety of ways, such as improved mental health, better ability to endure difficult times and increased likelihood of self-confidence during personal or professional challenges.

Consider the following tips to boost your self-esteem:

  • Stop comparing—In an age of social media and constant scrolling on your mobile device, it can be difficult to avoid comparing yourself to others’ seemingly perfect profiles. However, health experts confirm this is a recipe for disaster. Social media rarely depicts a fully accurate picture of others’ lives, and often only focuses on the good. Don’t waste your time comparing yourself to others—be sure to remind yourself of your own positive characteristics and experiences through daily journaling or engaging in your favourite hobbies.
  • Don’t make your goals too difficult—Although setting goals for yourself can be beneficial, creating unrealistic goals ultimately leads to failure, disappointment and lowered self-confidence. Before setting a goal, ensure it is achievable by making it as specific as possible, finding a way to measure success and establishing a set timeline for completion.
  • Surround yourself with positivity—A key aspect of healthy self-esteem is having positive relationships and social connectedness. Surround yourself with friends and family that appreciate you and support you rather than bring you down. In addition, make sure you stay social by scheduling weekly meetings (e.g. sharing a meal or getting coffee) with loved ones or joining a club related to one of your hobbies.
  • Ensure proper self-care—More than anything, it’s important to take care of your body and mind to promote healthy self-esteem. This includes eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly, limiting alcohol intake and maintaining a proper sleeping schedule.

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