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Ever had a Customer go Elsewhere for your Services or Products?
How many of your customers and prospects know exactly what you do and what you sell?
Most of us wrongly assume that just because we know what we do, everyone else will too.

When I ran my last business, there were many occasions when our customers bought from a competitor, because they wrongly assumed, we couldn’t help. Don’t let this happen to you too.

So, here’s how to up your game:

Call your top ten customers and ask them to name the top five products or services you sell. Do they match your actual best-selling top five?

Create an opportunities matrix. Here’s how to do it… open Excel and add a list of the same top ten customers in column A. Then in row 1, list your top-selling products or services.

Key in a “Y” in the cells where the client already buys the product or service, an “N” in the cells where you know they’re not interested.

Then, get your sales team to work on filling the empty cells. In other words, contacting your customers and educating them about what else you can do for them, that they are not currently aware of.

Some of our coaching clients, have doubled their profits using this strategy alone.

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