Athlete Commercial Representation

Dedicated to securing meaningful, call-to-action, measurable and valuable sponsorship, endorsement and ambassadorship arrangements.

Since January 2004, Abbotts Group, specialises in representing professional sports clubs, securing sponsorship and looking after their PR. However, 14-years on, with a mountain of experience behind us and an unrivalled ‘black-book’ of contacts wanting to invest in sport-related marketing opportunities, including athlete endorsement, we have made a decision to diversify into representing a carefully selected few athletes.

Our focus is to manage their commercial interests; sponsorship, endorsement and ambassadorship arrangements.

The level of athlete needs to be in the public-eye, boast a strong social media presence and have commercial value to potential clients.

Please let us know, when it comes to sponsorship and endorsement arrangements, what are your objectives? Get in touch; and +44 7930 575332