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“Why every business owner needs their own Sherpa”


  • Hundreds of climbers every year attempt to reach the summit of Mount Everest, the world’s highest mountain.
  • Without Sherpas, most climbers would not be able to get up the mountain.
  • Sherpas are so often the difference between triumph and tragedy
  • Climbers understand that they are setting themselves up for failure if they choose to go it alone.

In relation to a business owner

  • Business owners often find themselves having to climb their very own ‘mountain’
  • They might not have considered or be aware of the support that’s available to them to help ensure a smooth and successful ascent.

How does a business ‘Sherpa’ help a business owner navigate up the mountain towards their unique summit?

Ensuring health and wellbeing

  • The most important job that a Sherpa has is to ensure that the climber survives the test.
  • As a business leader, it can sometimes feel like the air is beginning to thin. It helps to have someone who is looking out for you – not just professionally but personally, too

Interpreting the weather

  • Sherpas will use their vast experience to make forecasts about the weather and then guide climbers accordingly. If they think that conditions are not looking favourable, they will discourage climbers from attempting to scale the peak for safety reasons and promote patience – urging to wait for a window when the sky looks clear.
  • Business Sherpas will also use their knowledge and insight to advise business owners.  A Sherpa takes an objective view, in the best interests of the owner.

Walking close to the edge

  • When climbers embark on their ascent, they realise how close to the edge they must sometimes tread if they want to make it to the top. A Sherpa will support them by doing so themselves.
  • Business owners are also fully aware of the dangers.  A Sherpa will look to offer a route out of for example financial difficulties to safer, more stable ground.

Carrying the bag

  • Sherpas can often do the heavy lifting for some or all of the ascent, allowing the climber to focus on putting one foot in front of the other and to keep moving forwards.
  • At times business owners can feel like they are unable to make the progress they want, due to for example everyday operational responsibilities.  A business Sherpa can pick this up, allowing the business owner to focus on their priorities.