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What does your writing style say about your business?

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What does your writing style say about your business?

When you walk into a room to network, what do you do? You might survey the attendees, look for someone that seems confident or shy or in command of a large group, and gravitate towards the person you think fits your needs.

Your potential customers do the same thing when searching online. They’ll look at a website, at social media, and make a snap judgement. Who’s trying to sound impressive? Who makes me feel confident, or can explain things in a way that I immediately understand?

Your audience might not receive your message in the way you intend

The words we use as a business – from our websites to our pitches to the emails we send – are just as important as the aesthetics. There is a tendency to want to “sound professional” by using long sentences and big words and jargon. You provide “high-value services”; you have a “unique approach”. But what does that really mean to your audience?

The key is to research your audience. Know them intimately. Have them in mind when you design your tone and style, when you pick your words and craft your sentences. Only then will you really know which way to go.

And a little insider’s tip: there are websites that can help. Hemingwayis an online app that will help you to assess the reading level of your copy, and Grammarlyis an AI assistant that helps you compose clear, mistake-free copy. I hope you find them useful.

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