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Guest Blog – Opex Gatwick

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4 Tips to help you start your day the right way!


Our lives are chaos, we are pulled in many different directions through work and home life, but we can try and gain some control and balance through creating great routines at the start and end of the day. Here are 4 tips to help you win the day!


1. Don’t hit snooze. Don’t make the first decision that you intended on making that day one you defer and pass on. Hitting the snooze may feel nice but that light slumber you fall back into isn’t quality sleep, so just get up when the alarm goes off. Over time you want to try to create rhythm here and get up at the same time every day negating the use of the alarm


2. Hydrate yourself. You wake up in the morning having endured a period of fasting overnight so your body will be dehydrated. Make sure the first thing you drink isn’t coffee instead go with:


400ml room temperature filtered water, juice from 1/2 lemon, 1/4 tsp pink Himalayan salt.

The water hydrates you, the salt provide you with electrolytes for muscle function and the Lemon Juice is great for your digestive system.


3. Practice mindfulness. Leave the phone alone for the first 30 minutes of the day, you don’t need to see anymore cat videos! Instead take 5-10 mins, meditate or just sit and breath thinking about the day ahead and what you want.


Mindfulness is a massive buzzword at the moment but all this really means is practising the idea of being present in the hear and now.


4. Create a movement routine. This doesn’t mean hardcore high intensity exercise but 5-10 means of movement. This could be yoga, a flow workout or very easy aerobic exercise. Your body has been laying still overnight so moving your joints through a full range of motion will really set you up for the day ahead!


This might sound like a lot but in reality will take no more than 20 minutes in the morning, a small price to pay to help you feel more energised and focused for the day ahead!


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