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Is Google EATing up your business?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a vital tool for optimising your digital presence, promoting your business on the battleground of competition. For many, this is an easy win for supremacy, tricking the algorithms that power our most popular search engines. Others, though, are left fighting for survival against this ‘dark art’, seen to prevent customers accessing the expertise they require. This begs the all-important question, how can I make SEO work for me?

Ultimately, search engine providers simply want to equip users with the best results they can find, constantly updating their algorithms to meet demand. They are adaptable in their approach – and urge businesses to do the same. Google, for example, recently adapted their Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines to include the EAT principle – expertise, authority and trustworthiness. These are among the top three indicators of page quality so, if you’re looking to improve your rankings in 2019, upping your EAT score is a great place to start:

●     Demonstrate your expertise with names and qualifications, or have content written by an industry expert – it’ll seem a worthwhile investment when it leads to increased traffic!
●     Show your authority by providing research from reputable sources and responding to customer feedback promptly and publicly, sending the message that you care enough to stay current.
●     Include profiles and emphasise site security with an SSL certificate to give an instant impression of trustworthiness.

Incorporating accurate, relevant and engaging content can make a profound difference to customer experience, without aggravating your workload. Making regular adaptations to your website’s content will help you stand your ground in the melee of competitors.

To the victor, the spoils!

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