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Dating Tips to Getting Second and Third Dates
It is now easier to get a first date than before. Dating apps only require a swipe, and matchmakers need a sign-up, but it is entirely up to you to secure the third date. The following tips are ways to make it past the first and second dates and give someone the gift of knowing you.

Clean up
Looks aren’t everything, but cleaning up for your partner suggests a lot about your character. Ensure that your general hygiene is on point and your dress matches the environment you choose, which implies that you are conscious of your health, and you’re socially astute. Also, having the same style and taste with your date gives off the perception that you have things in common, thereby creating a stronger immediate connection.

Take The Lead
Making decisions is a sign of confidence. It is your date – Do what you want and what you think is best. Be aware that there is a difference between being controlling and making decisions. For example, choosing where to sit is different from placing an order for your date unless she asks.

Hold Some Information Back
We’ve already established that getting engaged too fast can send a wrong signal – that you’re not a great catch; however, being too much of a catch can be just as bad. Don’t overshare, be a little mysterious, and don’t overwhelm them. It may play on their insecurities; make them have a feeling that you don’t have enough time, or that you aren’t a match.

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