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7 Simple Tips to Manage Diabetes

There has been a lot of research done over the past decade or so, on successfully putting diabetes into remission with a raw food diet.

If you are serious about reversing or curbing diabetes then you can go 100% raw vegan, and quickly see a marked improvement in your health.  Provided you consume a diet rich in healthy fruits and vegetables then you will successful put diabetes in its place.

It is a good idea to set aside 21 days or more to really focus on reversing your chronic health condition for good.

That is one of the reasons that we have put together a 21 day juice detox.
Here are 7 ways that you can begin to manage your diabetes if going 100% raw vegan right away is not your cup of tea.

1.        Ditch the diary
2.       Eat an abundance of Raw Fruits and Vegetables
3.       Reduce consumption of cheese and meat
4.       Prepare a health meal at home
5.       Choose healthier oils
6.       Steam your vegetables if you want to soften them
7.       Don’t eat processed foods

Allow yourself space for error and do your very best, by giving yourself 21 days you can recondition a lot of your habits and find new alternative options.

By changing our ways for 21 days or more we can began to retrain our mind and our taste buds to want foods that are good for us and will provide optimal health.  Why not check out my 21 Day Body Balance Juice Programme to kick start your healing journey.

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