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By February 20, 2019 No Comments

Normally we remind people about the dangers of bird pests just before they start nesting in late winter/early spring. This year, however, a terrible story from Glasgow’s Queen Elizabeth University Hospital has reminded us of the dangers of letting birds into your property. Two patients at the hospital are reported to have died after contracting a cryptococcus fungal infection. While the cause of the infection is being investigated and a definitive source has yet to be identified, this contagion is associated with pigeon droppings and an area that was off-limits to the general public, a machine room, was found to be contaminated.

Whether pigeons are ultimately to blame for these unfortunate deaths, this is a timely reminder of the threat of nuisance flying pests, such as pigeons, gulls, and parakeets. It is important to make sure your home or business is protected from these flying invaders.

Under the Wildlife and Countryside Act, it is an offence to kill, injure or interfere with wild birds. If you find they are causing you a problem, and flocks of birds can leave large amounts of faecal matter, you need to contact a professional pest controller. They can advise and assess what control sanctions can legally be put in place.

As the awful story in Scotland shows, having nesting birds on your property can be dangerous. Don’t forget – pigeons carry more diseases than rats – it makes sense to ensure your property is properly protected.


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